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Organized by The Liberty & Justice For All Coalition

The Liberty and Justice for all Coalition is committed to reinstalling Good Time credits back to the Michigan Department of Corrections. We have not collected enough signatures to get it on the November 2022 ballot despite our efforts.


The Liberty and Justice for all Coalition's effort to transform Michigan's criminal justice system was well received. We reached and organized people state-wide, including former correctional officers, faith organizations, community groups, community activists, and incarcerated residents of MDOC families.


MDOC residents have endured one of the harshest sentencing guidelines in the United States because of its archaic truth-in-sentencing laws. 


Sixteen states enacted the truth-in-sentencing guidelines from 1994 to 1998 to receive federal financial incentives. The incentives ended in 2000, and ten states now have less restrictive sentencing guidelines.


Good Time credits incentivize incarcerated individuals to participate in rehabilitative practices. Instead of the imprisoned spending years of their lives in a cell without hope, Good Time allows them to pursue an education, job skills, and discover the power of community redemption and reunite with their families. 


The good news is that Michiganders, from all walks of life, believe now is the time to find ways to end the harsh truth-in-sentencing laws and enact Good Time legislation. 


Even though it will not make it on the ballot this year, our job isn’t over. The Liberty and Justice for all Coalition will fight to get Good Time credit on the 2024 ballot.


We believe with every signature, the people have loudly spoken.

***Media Release***


Wednesday, June 1, 2022


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