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Good Time Bill will Instill "Hope" Back into the People By: Aaron Fluker

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

I'm a published author of four books, I have my own clothing line, I'm a co-owner of a publishing company that's about to launch, and I'm a frequent stock market trader.

How and when did I accomplish all of this?

Within the last 3 years, secluded in a prison, where I'm separated from society because of the detrimental decision that I made at the age of 18. During my incarceration, which have been the last seven years, I utilized my time to better myself while I taught myself how to read the correct way, how to write the correct way, how to develop story plots, how to create generational wealth for myself and my family, and how to trade stocks.

Born and raised in, Detroit, MI, do I believe that the state have failed me because of the lack of education, the neglect of my community, and the lack of opportunities because of where I'd grew up? Yes, I do believe that, which is why I vowed to beat the odds since the beginning of my sentence; give back to my community. Immature and misguided from the pessimistic role models around me in my neighborhood, I didn't understand the gravitas of life, or what it meant to be a man. And, it took me to come to prison to discover that greatness inside of me.

True fit sentencing, a system that validates a parole once a person's minimum is reached, isn't a lucrative system. From firsthand experience, I believe that this system doesn't give any sense of hope to people that's incarcerated because of the neglect of our well being; the "throw away the key," type of mindset that people have about us.

90% of people that's incarcerated inside of Michigan have an outdate, but what are government officials doing to rehabilitate these individuals? The Michigan prison system reflects the brutal realities of class exploitation and of our impoverished communities, which creates the make-up of guy's that get released back into society. Without any sense of hope myself before the discovery of my "greatness," I didn't have anything to look forward, too, because I felt that I was worthless, no purpose to be here other than to create havoc. That changed, however, when I published my first book, creating the type of desire that I belonged on this earth for a reason, that I didn't have to indulge in certain things to appear important amongst my peers.

The Good Time Bill will instill that "hope," back into people that's incarcerated, pushing them back into society where their lives will feel validated. Every day, I've heard countless guy's say, "Man, if they pass that Good Time Bill, I promise that I'm not going to mess up again. I promise that I'm going to straighten up."

Why not rehabilitate, giving the guy's a chance to turn their lives around? It really makes me wonder if the government really cares about our rehabilitation once incarcerated, our chance for success, or does the government really care about the money that accumulates from the prison system more than us? That's a question that we have to ask. I have nine years remaining, but if the Good Time Bill goes through, I'll have three to four years left, which would put me back into society; help save as many lost souls as possible through my motivation speaking, my published books, my businesses, and through my story. With a few swipes of your pen when you sign the petition, you could do that for me and for thousands of other guys. Thank you. And to learn and see more about me, you can follow me on Instagram, @Iam_a.r_money.

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