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"Living Today With a Hope for a Better Tomorrow" By: Cory Lee Souders

My name is Cory Lee Souders and I am serving a sentence of 17.5 - 50 years under Truth In Sentencing. Serving a sentence under this scheme creates the reality that no matter my desire to change, proof of such, or on the flip side, the continuation of behaviors that led me to prison, I will not have the opportunity for release until I serve 17.5 years. Regardless of the lifestyle I choose to live behind the razor wire, I will serve my minimum sentence and the law abiding citizens of this state will be forced to pay for my incarceration.

I would consider myself one of many men serving time in prison that have made the conscious effort to seek intentional growth, development of positive character, and inward change all out of the desire to become an asset to the community. My time in prison has been spent working to become a better man than I was yesterday, living today with a hope for a better tomorrow. Through the journey of deepening my faith, taking self-improvement classes, and obtaining my associates degree, I have sought to become a father who my children can depend on, not only for guidance, but stability.

For me, Good Time would be a game changer. Good Time would offer the opportunity for my character change to be displayed and accounted for. It would give me the chance to be reunited with my children, based upon the overarching effort that I have put into change. Good Time would separate the positive choices I have made from those who have continued to live the lifestyle that led them to this environment. But most of all, Good Time would highlight me as an individual that no longer needs to be a burden upon the law abiding, tax paying citizen.

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